How Does The Ko Method Work?

It is based on an unbalanced counting system, as the bettor, when he starts counting the cards, extracted from a deck, will not finish his count by arriving at 0, but at +4.

Very often when this method is used, card counting does not start from scratch. The number from which to start counting the cards is decided using a particular mathematical formula, called IRC (English acronym for Initial Running Count).

This formula is characterized by the following steps:

Initial Running Count (IRC) = (all decks used – 1) x (-4).

Let’s take a practical example to clarify the concept. If four decks of cards are used at the blackjack table where the bettor plays, then the formula will be as follows: IRC = (4-1) x (-4) = -12

This means that the bettor, in this case, considering the number of decks used at the game table judi online malaysia, will have to start his count not from 0, but from -12.

If there are 6 decks it will start counting from -20, if there are two from -4 and so on.

How much are the KO cards worth?

Here is the value of the cards when using the KO method to count them:

  • numbers ranging from 2 to 7 are worth +1;
  • numbers ranging from 8 to 9 are worth 0;
  • numbers ranging from 10 to Ace are worth -1.

As you can see, the bettor does not have much to remember: the low cards are equal to 1, the high ones correspond to -1 and, finally, the 8 and 9 are worth 0. He must carry out the calculations for all the players present. at the table, for all the cards drawn from the deck, for each hand and you must obviously keep them in mind.

Furthermore, it is essential to add up the score obtained in the previous hand with what will be obtained in the next one.

The larger the stored score total, the higher the amount to be put into play to place the initial bet. If the score you are keeping in mind, however, is low, then it is convenient to make small bets because you will most likely lose the hand.

To find out if the memorized score can guarantee a good chance of getting the better of the dealer, it is necessary to take into consideration the so-called key score , which is equal to +2, if the game is played using only one deck of cards.

If two decks of cards are used, however, this score is equal to +1. If you play with six decks it is equal to -4 and with eight decks, finally, it is equal to -6.

If the count by the player exceeds the key score, then he is in an advantageous position with respect to the bank and therefore the method suggests raising the initial bets, vice versa with a low score the initial bet will have to be small because the higher they are. the risks of losing your hand. Klik di sini to win money

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