Jackpots in Bingo: How They Form And Work

Let’s start with a clarification: in bingo a percentage of the various purchase quotas of the cards is used to increase a fund for the creation of fixed Jackpots. This is how the jackpots are formed.

In the Diamond 90 room , going to see the information, we will discover that the composition and the conditions of winning the Jackpots are the following:

  • Gold: 25% of the fund Fixed Jackpots, Bingo by the 40th call;
  • Silver : 6% of the fund Fixed Jackpots, Bingo by 45th call;
  • Bronze : 1% of the fund Fixed Jackpots, Bingo by the 49th call.

If we move instead to the Day 90 room we will notice a different composition of the Jackpots, both in the amount and in the win conditions:

  • One : Amount € 200, Bingo starting from the 47th call, with an increase of one call at each subsequent draw until the win;
  • Gold : 40% of the fund Fixed Jackpots, Bingo by the 38th call;
  • Silver : 25% of the fund Fixed Jackpots, Bingo by the 40th call;
  • Bronze : 7% of the fund Fixed Jackpots, Bingo by the 44th call.

The question that will interest many however is: How do you hit a Jackpot in an online Bingo game?

Each room defines a maximum number of draws within which to play Bingo: if you are lucky enough to meet this requirement, in addition to the Bingo prize, you also take home the Fixed Jackpot prize.

Types of Jackpots in Bingo

There are different types of jackpots and each has its own characteristics. Let’s go and see the main ones:

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed Jackpots have the characteristic of being paid out only in the case of Bingo within a given call. If this situation does not occur within the game, the amount of the fund is further set aside and it is put up for grabs in subsequent games, until it is hit by some lucky player. Fixed Jackpots are usually divided into 3 distinct levels that bring the player prizes with different amounts:

  • Jackpot Gold : the richest one, in which the Jackpot fund is most committed. Like all the most coveted prizes it is also the most difficult to win, up for grabs with the lowest number of drawings granted.
  • Jackpot Silver : Here the amount of the prize is intermediate exactly like the number of draws required to win the special prize.
  • Bronze Jackpot : The least rich but easiest to win Jackpot, therefore more common.

The amount of the Jackpot up for grabs and the minimum number of extractions required to obtain the coveted prize vary from room to room , so all that remains is to thoroughly study the characteristics of all the rooms to find the best ones and with the most interesting Bingo Jackpots.

Jackpot One

This other type of Jackpot provides for a provision on a different fund than that of Fixed Jackpots. In this case there are no different levels of winning but a fixed amount that is up for grabs at each game. When the bottom is reached, Jackpot One is up for grabs, starting with a certain ball. It is then incremented by one ball for each subsequent game until someone wins it.

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